About me

Behind the paint.

Caro Art Co. is a place for me, Carolyn to share my original creations with you.

I began painting on a fisher-price table in my parents’ living room at a very young age. I’ve always loved creating. My medium of choice has changed over the years from watercolour to acrylic, mixed media to pastels, photography to ink. However, I've always had a special place in my heart for the soft and organic nature of watercolours.



Environmental theme

Painting landscapes became the main focus of my art nine years ago. While majoring in environment studies at university, I gained a deep appreciation for our natural world. The more I learned about how intrinsically complicated our biogeochemical cycles are, the more I was drawn to the beauty of my naturally occurring surroundings.

At the same time, I had moved to the first city I had ever lived in. Being more separated from nature than I ever had been before, I longed for strolls through the forest and grass under my feet.

By then I had began travelling to new and exotic places. From the lush vegetation of the Amazon rain forest to the clear blue water of Lake Louise, our world took my breath away. After each trip, I returned home more and more infatuated with our Earth.

While working an unfulfilling job, I found myself craving to create and foster a connection to the environment. I began painting almost exclusively Canadian landscapes to pay homage to the beautiful nation I've always called home.

My mission.

I aim to connect people to a landscape with my work. Whether that’s a national park they’ve always wanted to visit or a shoreline that reminds them of their favourite campground.

I believe being more mindful of our environmental impact can be naturally fostered through appreciation for our natural world.

Which places hold meaning in your heart? Maybe somewhere you spent time growing up, where you got married, your favourite family camping spot, the town your grandparents lived in.